Hello! Intro~~

Hi everyone~ This is the first time i will be blogging about my life, interests, obsessions and just pure unimportant rambling. My english is not perfect, so please pardon any mistakes that I make. To start off, let me introduce my self, I’m called Jen which is short for Jennifer and everybody knew that, right… obviously I’m a girl. Currently… Read more →

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Cateun Manga # 1



So how do you like my first manga?

I really would like someone to critique my work. If you know of any ideas that would help me improve, I would be extremely grateful.


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It’s been a long time miw?

It’s been a long time since I made my last post on this blog. (2011.. hehehe) I’ve been quite busy with my work and other activities but now I’m back and blogging again (hopefully..). Thanks to all the visitors who are still visiting my blog (are there..? ) even though I have not updated this blog for a very long… Read more →

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ahh okay.. hello~! This is my first blog and as usual, at the first time doing this bloging thing, the most problem occur is ‘don’t know what to write’. so.. yes.. i don’t know what to write on this first blog post.. okay.. so i’ll leave it blank to make you all feel happy to read it. hmm.. thanks for… Read more →

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