Hello! Intro~~

Hi everyone~

This is the first time i will be blogging about my life, interests, obsessions and just pure unimportant rambling. My english is not perfect, so please pardon any mistakes that I make.

To start off, let me introduce my self, I’m called Jen which is short for Jennifer and everybody knew that, right… obviously I’m a girl. Currently learning to do make up properly. The first time I apply make up to my skin is when i was in college. Too late? No! You see, I’ve always been a tomboy growing up in an all girls school for 6 years, and in school we don’t really pay attention to our appearance. Who do you want to show it to? Old teachers and security guys? I think not. And at that time I have no interest  AT ALL in clothes or anything girly. I had short hair all the way, wore pants and sport shoes. At that time, when I hang out with friends, they dressed up really nice, they wore skirts, high heels, cute handbags, cute hair thingy, and beside them there’s me. Just plain shirt and long pants, sport shoes. I kept my wallet in my back pocket. I didn’t even care. That time the only I applied on my face was creams from my dermatologist. I had major break out. MAJOR. Only on my forehead though.

Years went by, I went to college and I gradually change. I grew my hair, started wearing girl flat shoes, still with the long pants though. In college I didn’t have any skin problem at all! All those troublesome break out during highschool just gone! The only thing I put on my face was drugstore moisturizer and sunblock, occasionally loose powder to save my super oily skin. The first make up that I put on my face is eyeliner. Oh, the magic of eyeliner!! How can this black liquid make my eyes bigger! rounder! longer! Who is this person I’m looking in the mirror now!!  I can’t live without it now. Eyeliner, I love you! Then I started using blush and bb cream. I use BB cream almost everyday, until one day my flawless looking skin had break out. First, it’s just a small zit, nothing to worry about but then it multiplied and multiplied. Few years later I had the worst acne in my life! My cheek were full of acne! I was so desperate I stopped using any face make up. I went to dermatologists here and there and it just made it worse! And that time I thought nothing will work on my stupid face. Puberty once more ? ugh…

The last dermatologist I went to made my skin better. It’s clearing up now, I hope to have my flawless skin back. Impossible! Acne is not there anymore, but it leave scars. Deep scars , I have holes here and there. I hate you skin! Why you got scars, acne, hyperpigmentation, enlarge pores which are every girls nightmare! please be gone. like, NOW.

That is, so far, my history of life and make up interest. Hope you guys enjoy your stay and please leave comments!

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